eAutoclaims’ eJusterSuite Launches National Online Network of Heavy Equipment Repair Shops

October 24, 2002

eAutoclaims a company that provides the insurance industry with online claims management solutions through both an Application Service Provider (ASP) and outsourcing solutions services, will soon
launch a new national network of heavy equipment repair shops within

Now insurers of panel trucks, semis, motor homes, and off-road heavy
equipment, including: construction vehicles, dump trucks, cranes, tractors, flatbeds and other industrial vehicles will be able to quickly find a repair shop within a 100 mile radius, no matter where they are located in the U.S. Each repair shop has been prescreened through a field inspection,

“A true independent heavy equipment repair shop network currently
doesn’t exist in the insurance industry, so this is a real ‘first,'”
Eric Seidel, President and CEO of eAutoclaims, said. “The new network offers insurers a significant material reduction in their loss adjustment expense. In addition, insurers will enjoy savings through contracted rates and preferred terms on the actual indemnity costs.”

The network launches next month and will cover California, Texas,
Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Georgia and the Carolinas. New states will be added on a regular basis over the following weeks.

The new heavy equipment repair network will be available as part of
eJusterSuite(TM), which integrates claims processing into one Web-based system that brings together multiple service partners.

eJusterSuite(TM) features multiple tiers of functionality ranging from a total ASP model to one that includes all of eAutoclaims’ outsourcing services, including utilization of its direct repair network of shops or can be used as a standalone product within eJusterSuite(TM).

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