AMS Group Earns ‘enterprise’ Certification from TruSecure Corp.

November 7, 2002

The AMS Group has earned “enterprise” certification from TruSecure Corporation for the security of its data center and e-business systems infrastructure. The highest-level security designation, TruSecure’s enterprise certification extends to all AMS Group divisions including Allenbrook, AMS Services and Silverplume. The security advantage also extends to all ASP (Application Service Provider) hosted products offered by each division.

Last year, AMS became the first and only insurance application service provider to earn a TruSecure e-business security designation for its data center, reflecting the successful completion of an extensive information security audit. The AMS data center in College Station, Texas, has successfully blended technologies from vendors like Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel.

TruSecure Enterprise Certification is a patent-pending process comprised of product certification, research, and evaluation of customer service efforts in information security. As part of the program, TruSecure audited AMS’s entire Internet environment including servers, cabling, e-commerce platforms, database systems, mail hosts, etc., as well as all general security processes such as HR background checks, employment policies, change management and other procedures related to controlled access areas. Unlike solutions offered by security vendors, consultants, and other managed security service providers, TruSecure integrates an automated software model, a database, and a team of professional analysts that regularly maps a company’s IT infrastructure against a proven set of essential security practices.

“This designation demonstrates AMS’s commitment to providing customers with the most secure ASP environment possible,” Euan Menzies, CEO, AMS Group, commented. “As the largest ASP in our market, we’ve taken the appropriate steps with TruSecure to ensure the integrity and privacy of our customers’ critical systems and information. A great deal of effort goes into earning a designation for this level of security, further exhibiting our commitment to ASP technology.”

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