Fireman’s Fund Unveils iCustomer Series Initiative for Middle Market Segments

January 7, 2003

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company announced the national rollout iCustomer Series(TM) initiative to the hotel, restaurant, real estate, retail, wholesale and manufacturing segments. The iCustomer Series program is a first of its kind, interactive portal designed specifically to help middle market customers streamline risk management, by providing real-time access to a broad array of industry-specific tools and resources.

“We saw the opportunity to simplify the entire insurance relationship for our middle market customers by putting the resources and information they need at their fingertips,” Bob Bailey, executive vice president, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, said. “By saving our clients’ valuable time, and helping them take a proactive role in managing risk and controlling losses, we become a business partner who adds value, so our clients gain more overall from the relationship with Fireman’s Fund.”

Through the iCustomer Series portal, Fireman’s Fund’s business customers can access forms and file claims online, receive current industry-specific news, participate in interactive training programs, and obtain the latest regulatory and safety information tailored to their businesses.

“The most popular feature of the iCustomer Series tool is the fact that customers can access their company’s claims history by policy and file worker’s comp claims online in a secure, password-protected environment” Bailey commented. “We have put the claims forms for every state online all in one place, which significantly reduces the hassle factor for our customers.”

Two years in development, the iCustomer Series tool includes proprietary content created by the company’s national network of loss control experts and field agents who work every day with middle market customers. Content is updated daily with news feeds. Customers themselves, who participated in a series of focus groups across the country as iCustomer Series was being created, determined the format and content of the industry portals.

“The positive response to iCustomer Series from both independent agents and current users has been tremendous,” Bailey said. “We will continue enhancing the existing portals with new services and benefits, and plan to launch more industry-specific portals in the coming months,” he added. “Eventually all of our 10,000 customers and key segments will have access to an iCustomer Series portal tailored to their business.”

Specific iCustomer Series Tool Features include:
Each iCustomer Series portal includes industry-focused news and Hot Topics such as “Are Your Guests Safe While Sleeping?” for the hotel industry and “Escalator Safety for the Holidays” for retailers. It also provides access to video training programs in a wide variety of areas including chemical safety, equipment safety, and physical hazards.

Other features include:
Link to medical providers for workers’ compensation;
Access to information packets and articles on critical issues facing the industry;
Bulletin boards for posing questions to Fireman’s Fund or industry peers to share experiences with specific issues;
Ability to order information, free of charge, from a library of loss prevention materials and common insurance forms;
Preferred pricing from nationally recognized solution partners like eVault, CLMI and Interlink providing value-added business services.

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