AMS Holding Group Announces New Corporate Name

August 25, 2004

AMS Holding Group, the parent organization of AMS Services, AMS Rackley, SilverPlume, and Allenbrook, has announced that it has changed its corporate parent company name to ‘Vertafore Inc.’

Each of the individual business units under Vertafore Inc. will continue to operate largely independently with discrete branding and market solutions, targeted at key segments within the broad insurance distribution channel. The new name, ‘Vertafore,’ will be used as the umbrella brand at the corporate parent level as the business moves to expand into new arenas within insurance software and services.

“During the past several years, we have seen a substantial increase in market presence, customer satisfaction and product innovation within each of our business units,” said Euan Menzies, CEO and President of Vertafore. “By renaming the parent organization, we are liberating the individual brands to better function in the market.”

According to the company, the new name, ‘Vertafore,’ is a derivative word, which combines elements that are relevant to the company’s overall business positioning. Linguistically, the name combines the roots of “vertebrae” or backbone with “forte” meaning force, representing the strength of the combined organization and the role played by both the corporate parent and the individual businesses within the insurance community.

“Changing to Vertafore was a decision we thought about carefully because AMS is a strong brand and has a positive association
within the market. However, given our plans for expansion in the future, we felt it most appropriate to create a new name at the parent level,” concluded Menzies.

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