Time’s a Wastin’ in Insurance Industry, Says Workplace Survey

July 12, 2005

The insurance industry has come out on top but unfortunately it’s in a survey of about 10,000 respondents that looked at wasting time in the workplace.

Data was gathered by America Online and Salary.com, where workers apparently had time to spare as well.

The survey found men and women waste about the same amount of time per day. However, most human resources managers surveyed suspected that women wasted more time than men.

It also found that the older a worker was, the less time he or she wasted at work.

The industries with the most wasted time daily:
1. Insurance 2.5 hours
2. Public Sector (non-education fields) 2.4 hours
3. Research and Development 2.3 hours
4. Education 2.2 hours
5. Software and Internet 2.2 hours

The states where respondents wasted the most time daily were:
1. Missouri 3.2 hours
2. Indiana 2.8 hours
3. Kentucky 2.8 hours
4. Wisconsin 2.8 hours
5. Nevada 2.7 hours
6. Oklahoma 2.7 hours
7. Virginia 2.7 hours
8. Pennsylvania 2.6 hours
9. Connecticut 2.5 hours
10. Idaho 2.5 hours

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