NAMIC Leader Lauds Links to State Insurance Trades

October 18, 2005

The president of a national property/casualty organization told a group of state insurance trade executives in Savannah, Georgia, on Monday that their work makes them invaluable partners in the achievement of industry objectives.

Charles Chamness, president of the National Association of Mutual
Insurance Companies (NAMIC), speaking to members of the State Insurance Trade Associations at their annual meeting, said, “We know this: state trade associations form the foundation of public policy
advocacy in our industry; partnerships with you are the best approach
for NAMIC to provide the most effective state government advocacy
service to our members.”

Chamness cited the importance of working on issues of common importance and that his staff is charged with helping “develop a unified strategy to address issues critical to all our members.”

As evidence of the productive partnerships between NAMIC and state trade associations, he pointed to successes in Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin on issues ranging from credit-based insurance scoring to environmental clean up, each of which “helped to shape the public policy environment in which our member companies do business.”

Chamness also touted the wisdom of collective action, using NAMIC’s
Congressional Contact Program as an example. He said that NAMIC member companies from 30 states visited Capitol Hill over the course of the past year, with many delegations organized by state trade associations.

“The presentation of Benjamin Franklin public policy awards to 109
members of congress sends a strong, clear message that NAMIC members are always aware of the effects of legislation-good or bad-and will publicly recognize and support those legislators who stand with us.”

He said that NAMIC’s success as an advocacy partner with state trade associations is derived from achieving the association’s mission of strengthening and supporting its members and the property/casualty insurance industry by providing effective and high-value advocacy, member services and public policy development.

Chamness cited several signs of growth:

* NAMIC welcomed 17 new members.

* Market share was increased to 43 percent, “solidifying our standing
as the largest property/casualty insurance trade association.”

* Double-digit increases in attendance at seminars and conferences.

* More first-time attendees than ever before – more than 400 people
attended their first NAMIC event this year.

* A continuing dynamic presence on the Internet. “In three years,
NAMIC Online has experienced exceptional growth – from just 20,000 visits per month in 2002 to 100,000 visits per month in 2005. This growth includes nearly one million people logging onto NAMIC Online this year.”

“When we look at results at NAMIC,” Chamness concluded “we focus on one return … are NAMIC members benefiting from the advocacy, products and services that we are offering? Based on the results from the past year, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.'”

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