AIG Acquires Travel Guard

March 20, 2006

  • March 22, 2006 at 9:33 am
    Jon Bond says:
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    Now that John Noel has sold Travel Guard perhaps he\’ll concentrate more on MultiNational Underwriters, an Indiana based medical insurance plan provider he owns.

    Licensing seems a weak area for MultiNational, and with their recent announcement that they have teamed up with MHG Services of Florida, that should have jumped to \’critical\’ on the MNU \”Things to Dd\” list; MHG\’s paucity of licensing is a well-known joke around N. Florida.

    Mr. Noel presumably has lots of spare cash swilling around now; maybe he\’ll throw some at International Medical Group and buyout that company too.

    If the Noel Group buy IMG then they could easily consolidate the two offices, save a pile on IMG\’s \’White Elephant\’ offices, assimilate staff, introduce a new hybrid brand, and move forward with a brave new face into the future.

    Of course, there would probably be a little boardroom sorting out to accomplish along the way.

    The Golden Rule that works seems to be; Only one Brougher in the boardroom at a time.

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