Argonaut Group Launches Retail Shopping Center Program

July 10, 2006

Argonaut Group, Inc., based in San Antonio, Texas, has expanded its Select Markets segment line of products and services to include the retail shopping center marketplace. Highlights include specialized benefits such as coordinated policies for comprehensive landlord-tenant liability coverage, signage protection based on actual loss sustained, a 24-hour emergency claims hotline, and access to over 15 proprietary safety and loss prevention resources tailored to the retail industry. Claims will be handled by seasoned retail specialists familiar with each jurisdiction served.

The program will be administered by Grocers Insurance, a member of Argonaut’s Select Markets segment. Grocers Insurance is a provider of property, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance to independent retail grocers nationwide, in addition to offering programs tailored to convenience stores.

Risks eligible for the program will be characterized by predominantly retail exposure, individual external entrances, and less than $20 million in total insured value at any one location. Select Markets currently is accepting submissions for its retail shopping center program through appointed agents of Grocers Insurance in all states except Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New York.

“Retail shopping center exposures have actually been part of the Grocers Insurance market niche for years,” commented B. Thomas Johns, president of Select Markets. “Many of our grocery clients own the shopping centers surrounding their locations, so providing a stand alone program for this class of business is a natural extension of our existing offerings. By targeting shopping centers with risk profiles similar to those we insure now, we will be able to leverage our expertise in retail exposures and offer our specialized claims handling and accident prevention services to a broader market segment.”

To obtain more information about the Select Markets retail shopping center program, contact David Edison, senior vice president of Sales and Distribution, at 503-833-1696.

Source: Argonaut Group, Inc.

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