Chubb ‘Green Team’ to Further Develop Renewable Energy Sector

August 15, 2007

In response to the accelerating development of environmentally friendly energies, products and technologies, the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies says it has formed a green energy team of underwriters and loss control specialists.

The team will further develop core commercial insurance
products and services geared toward customers that operate within this sector.

For the past 20 years,Chubb has been insuring risks for renewable energy producers and distributors, including wind turbines, ethanol and biodiesel plants, solar energy systems, hydroelectric power generators and other renewable energy operations.

“Chubb has served the energy sector for decades, and as the marketplace has become more environmentally aware, we have broadened our expertise to meet its insurance needs,” said Peter Thompson, vice president, Chubb & Son, and worldwide energy manager for Chubb Commercial Insurance. “The creation of Chubb’s green energy team will allow us to look beyond traditional renewable energy production and distribution risks and explore the insurance and loss control issues facing our other commercial customers.”

Chubb says it will broaden its strategic scope for clients in these areas:
Power generation (including wind, solar and geothermal);
Renewable and clean fuels (ethanol, biodiesel and fuel cells);
Alternative energy devices (solar panels, wind turbines and other
Energy-efficient products (compact fluorescent lighting, HVAC systems, office equipment and other products); and
Renewable energy users, including businesses with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly properties.

SOURCE: Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

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