Millbrook, Valen Become P/C Insurance Data, Predictive Analytics Partners

August 1, 2008

Millbrook Inc., a provider of property/casualty insurance business intelligence and data services, and Valen, predictive analytics experts, have partnered to provide predictive analytics for the property/casualty insurance industry.

“A Millbrook and Valen partnership provides both companies an opportunity to have complete end-to-end business intelligence solutions that will help P/C insurance companies segment risk more granularly and price policies more effectively,” said Dax Craig, Valen’s CEO.

Millbrook offers carriers a subscription service approach that it says makes predictive modeling affordable for insurers of different sizes. Valen combines data from multiple sources, including external data sources, to develop its predictive models.

“The ability to wring every drop of knowledge from a combination of a company’s internal data and external data is strategically differentiating. It is creating a playing field of have and have-nots among insurance carriers, where those with the best business intelligence will win, and those with little to none will not survive,” Millbrook Vice President John Search said.

Sources: Millbrook Inc.

Valen Technologies Inc.

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