Munich Re Coverage in U.S. Extends CPV Energy Warranty

October 7, 2010

Munich Re has launched coverage in the United States for the photovoltaic-producing segment of the solar module industry and first ever of its kind in the world for CPV systems.

CPV (concentrator photovoltaic) technology uses innovative optics to concentrate sunlight onto a small area of high-efficiency solar cell material. By extending coverage to this most solar technology, Munich Re provides solar plant operators and investors greater planning security.

The new coverage, sought by Calif.-based SolFocus, will back up that company’s ability to extend a 25-year performance warranty for its CPV systems. The insurance permits SolFocus to remove the long-term, technical guarantee risk off its balance sheet, softening its financial burden and providing customers greater security.

Munich Re already makes its performance-guarantee coverage available to several other manufacturers of photovoltaic cells based on other technologies but this is the first CPV offering.

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