Travelers Red Umbrella Featured at Trademark Show

October 18, 2011

The iconic Travelers Insurance red umbrella was recently showcased in an educational event on the role trademarks play in the economy.

Travelers participated as an exhibitor at the National Trademark Expo in Alexandria, Va., Oct. 14- 15 to present the red umbrella as a prime example of the history and evolution of trademarks.

An umbrella is believed to have first appeared in a Travelers advertisement in 1870. While the decision was made to adopt a red umbrella as the permanent corporate symbol in 1959, it was not formalized as the company’s legal mark until 1960.

“It has been the dominant image representing our company for more than 50 years and is unparalleled in identifying Travelers as a leading provider of insurance for the ever-changing risks our customers face,” said Lisa Caputo, executive vice president of marketing and communications at Travelers.

The Travelers display provided the history of the company’s relationship with the red umbrella and its evolution over the decades. A special feature of the booth was an interactive wall that allowed a visual image of a large red umbrella, composed of many miniature red umbrellas, to respond to movement as an individual passed by the projected image.

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