Officials Say Bipartisan Deal on Cybersecurity Possible

October 21, 2011

  • October 21, 2011 at 2:34 pm
    Baxtor says:
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    Whew! I’m glad they’re looking into passing a bill on this. I’m sure big corporations don’t care about protecting their business information and their customer’s ID’s. I’m also pretty confidence our government and military don’t care about someone hacking them. Why would they care if someone set off a nuke?
    On a serious note, what a waste of time. Why don’t they talk about cutting expenses and waste in our system and redoing the tax code and removing loopholes? This is like passing a bill that says it’s illegal to jump off the rim of the Grand Canyon without a parachute.

  • October 21, 2011 at 4:19 pm
    Not A Witch says:
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    There are indeed some critical infrastructure systems which lack adequate security. If you read the reports about the extent of suspected probing by nations like China they are quite concerning.

    That being said care must be taken to ensure that the government A) does not use “cybersecurity” as a justification to force through a bunch of junk intended to appease lobbyists and B) does not create additional vulnerabilities via forced security back doors. DHS wants a backdoor built into every online service but especially things like Skype (by the way I’m curious what is State’s opinion about nations like Syria requiring such backdoor access?). But they fail to realize that mandating backdoors makes the entire system vulnerable- doors after all don’t choose who walk through them. Doors merely exist, and once there is a way in for one person…

    They need to address cybersecurity. They need to leave out “Protect IP,” monopoly rent provisions for content industry and similar garbage.

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