FTC Wants Voluntary Online ‘Do Not Track’ System

By | March 26, 2012

  • March 27, 2012 at 10:09 am
    MP says:
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    –Assume anyone you have an online account with has an unprotected spreadsheet/database file containing your plain text username and password. What this means is Never, EVER use the same password on your bank account that you use for something else like GMail.

    –Assume sites will track what sites you visit, how long you’re on each page and what links you click on.

    –Assume whatever web sites you have open will be looking at what you’re doing in other browser tabs/windows. I.E. Facebook knows that you’re also shopping at XYZ retail site and is retaining this information.

    –Assume that ‘apps’ on your phone are constantly data mining it- fine GPS location, contact lists, web history, accounts, etc. Be very careful what ‘permissions’ you grant to smart phone apps. Examples: a flashlight app shouldn’t need your contacts list or an internet connection. Facebook’s mobile site works as well as the app and requires no special permissions.

    –Learn about and use tools like Firefox addons NoScript and BetterPrivacy to block sites from executing scripts and tracking you with persistent ‘super cookies’.

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