Petersen International Releases Extended Benefit Supplemental Income Plan

April 25, 2012

Petersen International Underwriters has launched a specialty disability insurance plan that features a 10-year benefit period.

“Prior to this new plan, the longest monthly benefit period that the market supported was 7 years,” explains Mark Petersen, vice president of marketing. “Now, with a 10-year benefit period available, many additional disability financial plans can be fortified with income protection.”

The plan has uses for personal income protection as well as business disability uses, with high issue limits. While limited to more preferred risks, this extended benefit period will appeal to those who desire or require a longer period of payable benefits.

“Now we can offer monthly benefit periods from one month to 120 months in addition to lump-sum benefit,” Petersen continued. “Our elimination periods remain the same, ranging from 30 days to two years. All of these features are designed to help fill in the gaps of a person’s disability financial plan.”

Petersen International Underwriters offers a line of specialty disability, life, medical and contingency insurance products.

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