R Street Institute Launches ‘Right Street Blog’ on InsuranceJournal.com

June 1, 2012

The R Street Institute, a new insurance free market think tank, has launched an insurance issue-oriented blog on InsuranceJournal.com.

The blog, titled Right Street Blog, is being authored by Eli Lehrer, president of R Street Institute, and Ray Lehmann, deputy director, from the group’s office in Washington, D.C. Other members of the conservative-minded team including Alan Smith, Julie Brenner and Christian Cameron, who have experience on insurance issues in a number of states, will also contribute to the blog.

R Street was organized by Lehrer and others formerly with the Center for Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate at the Heartland Institute. The insurance team split from Heartland last month over a disagreement about an anti-global warming campaign.

“We’re a conservative free market organization with a pragmatic bent,” Lehrer says about R Street. The institute’s slogan is ” Free markets. Real solutions.”

Lehrer said the organization chose R Street for its name because it wants to offer a pathway between free market public policy and real world problems.

According to Lehrer, R Street divides the world of Congress on Capitol Hill, the White House and executive branch, and K Street lobbyists from the part of Washington, D.C. where most people live and go about their daily life.

“As such, R Street is an attempt to bridge the chasm between high public policymaking and the realistic demands of daily life. That’s why we have ‘free markets, real solutions,'” he said.

The new blog’s first posting, Free Markets Don’t Have to Mean No Regulation, to the blog can be found here.

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The R Street Institute will be open for business starting June 1. Its web address is www.rstreet.org.

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