Chartis Expands NextGen Protection to Hospitality, Leisure Industries

September 12, 2012

The Chartis Insurers have added PLL Hospitality Protect to their NextGen Protection suite of industry specific insurance products.

Environmental pollution exposures related to the hospitality and leisure industry remain a challenge to manage with new risks constantly on the rise. PLL Hospitality Protect is offered with CrisisResponse and crisis management, which help companies act swiftly to mitigate losses and prevent reputational damage in the event of a crisis management event. The services provide an insurance product tailored to respond to the pollution exposures associated with the hospitality and leisure industry.

“We recognize that our clients in the Hospitality and Leisure Industry need to constantly evolve in order to be the destination of choice for their customers. This evolution, through global expansion, broader amenities and services, and unique and creative architectural and engineering design, can result in an increase in environmental pollution exposures,” said Lana Keppel, Chartis Environmental Division executive.

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