Hiscox Launches Solo Strike Liability Protection for US Healthcare Institutions

October 12, 2012

To counter the growing threat of an attack by an individual on healthcare institutions, Hiscox has launched a dedicated solo strike liability insurance product for the US healthcare market. In the event of an attack, Hiscox’s Solo Strike Liability, designed specifically for hospitals and larger healthcare facilities, will respond with liability protection as well as providing immediate crisis management support.

The growing number of high profile lone attack incidents has raised the overall awareness of the threat that individuals, who are intent on causing harm, can pose. Healthcare institutions, which themselves have fallen victim to a number of lone attacks over recent years, are softer targets because of the high throughput of people and the increased chance of an individual entering a premises unchallenged in a relatively unsecure environment.

Hiscox’s Solo Strike Liability offers:

  • USD $50 million standard limits, with access up to USD $100 million
  • Specific and specialist coverage in the event of lone individual attack. Includes deadly weapon protection liability form and application
  • Primary insurance, intended to respond first in the event of a loss
  • Service of risk management specialists Control Risks in respect of risk management and mitigation including disaster recovery, business continuity and crisis management.

“High profile ‘lone wolf’ attacks on educational facilities in the US have been tragically frequent in recent years. Due to their high throughput of people and the chances of an attacker being able to enter a premises unchallenged, healthcare institutions also share the same vulnerability to individuals intent on causing harm and we have seen a growing number of attacks over the last few years,” said Ian Thompson, SVP – Healthcare, Hiscox. “We have developed Solo Strike Liability to help healthcare organizations deal with the potential liability they could face as well as to help them manage the after effects including disaster recovery, business continuity and crisis management.”

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