CloudInsure, Lockton to Offer Cloud Risk Insurance Coverage

January 25, 2013

CloudInsure, a cloud insurance platform designed to specifically address privacy and security liabilities within the cloud environment, has formed an agreement with independent (re)insurance broker Lockton to provide risk management products for clients exposed to hazards associated with cloud technologies.

Through this agreement, CloudInsure will be positioned to establish relationships with primary insurers to offer liability coverage, underpinned by tailored underwriting models and proprietary analytics, to meet the growing needs of businesses in the cloud computing space.

CloudInsure, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyber Risk Partners, LLC, offers insurance products that address cloud technology. CloudInsure is a sister company to CyberFactors, a proprietary cyber risk analytics database that models cyber risk data and events.

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  • January 28, 2013 at 3:13 am
    joe says:
    what is the claim experience seen in this cybercloud space?
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