Poll: Is ACE-Chubb Deal Good or Bad?

July 15, 2015

The insurance industry believes that on the whole, the ACE Ltd. acquisition of Chubb Corp. is a good deal.

Industry professionals see the deal as perhaps better for the parties involved than for the property/casualty insurance industry and a better deal for ACE than for Chubb.

Thus far, 56.23 percent of respondents to a still-open InsuranceJournal.com online poll have found a reason to rate the deal as a good one in some respect, with 24.03 percent saying it is good for both of the carriers, their customers and their agents.

But 20.26 percent see it as a bad deal for the property/casualty industry, while only 6.43 percent see it as a good deal for the industry.

More respondents see it is a good deal for ACE (18.63 percent) than for Chubb (7.28 percent). A higher percentage (12.9 percent) see it as a bad deal for Chubb. Only a fraction (1.76 percent) say it’s a bad deal for ACE.

“There goes another great company,” lamented one reader.

“CEO got rich at the expense of Chubb,” said another.

“Not sure yet!” and “Too early to tell,” wrote others who are withholding judgment.

The poll began July 1 and voting is still open.

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