Personal Chef Association Launches Expanded Liability Coverage

October 12, 2015

The United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) has contracted with event insurance provider The Event Helper to offer supplemental liability insurance for its members when they are working outside of the client’s home. This coverage applies to all business situations of the personal chef and is not limited to a particular location meaning commercial kitchens are covered.

“Insurance is extremely important to have when running a business,” said USPCA President Larry Lynch, “However, insurance categories offer very little options for personal chefs. Often times, coverage through local insurance agents will categorize a personal chef as a catering operation or a general business liability, which can become expensive because the insurance covers items personal chefs do not necessarily use or need coverage for.”

This new program typically costs about $299 per year plus state and local fees. Accidental damage or injury to the client’s property or person as a direct result of the personal chef’s actions is covered. This coverage is available to all eligible members of the USPCA.

The USPCA also has a standard liability insurance policy that is included with membership which covers all cooking within the client’s home. This coverage applies to when a personal chef is conducting his or her service in a client’s home and accidental damage or injury occurs as a direct result of the personal chef. Coverage also applies to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, so personal chefs can be covered when they travel.

USPCA members also have access to multiple health insurance carriers with no medical questions asked and all pre-existing conditions covered. Members can also receive other benefits such as continuing education, discounts on kitchen and business products, and annual conferences.

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