Chubb Adds Cyber Bullying Insurance for U.S. Homeowners

April 5, 2016

Chubb has added cyber bullying coverage to its U.S. Masterpiece Family Protection policy to help cover clients and their families from the expenses associated with a cyber bullying incident.

According to Christie Alderman, vice president, Client Product & Service, Chubb Personal Risk Services, cyber bullying, including online threats and harassment, can damage the reputation of a homeowner or their child reputation, and cause financial loss and emotional harm. The new cyber bullying coverage provides up to $60,000 in compensation to clients and family members for expenses related to harassment and intimidation committed via personal computers, telephones or mobile devices.

Clients may recover costs incurred when cyber bullying results in wrongful termination, false arrest, wrongful discipline in an educational institution, or diagnosed debilitating shock, mental anguish or mental injury leading to the inability of the client or a family member to attend school or work for more than a week. The coverage provides compensation for psychiatric services, rest and recuperation expenses, lost salary, temporary relocation services, education expenses, professional public relations services, and cyber security consultants.

The U.S. cyber bullying coverage is available to all Masterpiece homeowners customers who purchase a Family Protection policy, which typically costs about $70. The coverage is currently available in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin and will be rolled out to additional states in the near future. Chubb first released cyber bullying coverage as part of its personal lines insurance package in the United Kingdom in December 2015.

Chubb’s Masterpiece Family Protection policy includes an array of coverages to help families recover and protect themselves from perils including stalking threats, carjacking, home invasion, air rage, hijacking and child abduction.

Coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued.

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