Partner Specialty Group Launches Online High Value Homeowners Facility

May 16, 2016

Partners Specialty Group, LLC has announced a new non-admitted online high value homeowners facility with limits in excess of $60 million. Appointed agents will be able to access the online portal and obtain quotes for the following exposures:

High Value Homeowners

  • Vacant Dwellings with the ability to write tailored policy periods, i.e. three month, six month, etc.
  • Risks in the name of LLCs/Corps can be addressed.
  • One-to-four family dwellings held for rental
  • Unprotected risks/risks prone to brush
  • Risks with adverse loss history, either severity or frequency.
  • High profile individuals with questionable backgrounds

Builders risk/Renovations

  • $60 million in limits available
  • Ability to add builders as additional insured/grant waivers of subrogation
  • Stepped approach for larger/long period construction projects
  • Mid-term COCs

Caribbean Risks

  • Homeowners and builders risks for most islands in the Caribbean, including cat perils
  • Local broker network assisting with local auto and umbrella policies, as well as tax filing

Features of the new online system include:

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