Coal Industry Worried About Expanded Liability Following Blankenship Conviction

By | July 11, 2016

  • July 12, 2016 at 9:06 am
    Buckeye says:
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    Reasonable people should be able to agree the Blankenship case goes well beyond a simple matter of MSHA violations. Considering the broad knowledge of the safety focus, or lack thereof, stemming from his views and direction, one could easily conclude a relative slap on the wrist after the death of 29 men is a gift to Mr. Blankenship.

    The coal industry should be very careful about creating a perception that executives and management believe they should not be held duly responsible and accountable if and when they place employees and/or the general public in danger as a result of gross misconduct and violation of the law. If they are free to do what they please without any fear of consequence, then we could very well be setting ouselves up for more UBB-like disasters.

    The mining industry has done very well relative to employee safety and environmental stewardship. The industry is far better than it is portrayed in the press and in inflammatory and inaccurate comments made by government officials, regulators and environmentalist. However, mining industry executives and management should simply accept the resposibilities and accountability associated with being part of the industry. If some believe the responsibilities and accountability that go with the territory are unfair, they should just move on and open up a shoe store.

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