12 Extreme Weather Events of the Summer of 2016

By | September 23, 2016

The summer of 2016 has lurched from one extreme weather disaster to another at great cost in lives and damages. Here are just some of the worst and weirdest, according to insurance statistics and meteorologists:

  1. Flooding in China’s Yangtze Basin from May through August killed at least 475 people and caused $28 billion in losses.
  2. A drought in India that started earlier in the year and stretched through June caused about $5 billion in damage.
  3. Flooding in West Virginia and the mid-Atlantic in June killed 23 people and damaged more than 5,500 buildings.
  4. Typhoon Nepartak hit the Phillipines, Taiwan and China in July, killing 111 people and causing at least $1.5 billion in damage.
  5. Flooding in northeast China in July killed 289 people and caused about $5 billion in damage.
  6. Temperatures reached 129 degrees (54 degrees Celsius) in Kuwait and Iraq in July.
  7. Flooding in Louisiana in August killed 13 people and caused around $15 billion in damage.
  8. Flooding in Sudan and South Sudan in July and August killed 129 people and damaged more than 41,000 buildings.
  9. A long heat wave coupled with high humidity afflicted the U.S. South and East. Savannah, Georgia, had 69 straight days when the temperature hit 90 or higher.
  10. Typhoon Lionrock hit Japan, China and Korea in August and killed 77 people while damaging more than 20,000 buildings.
  11. Spain set a record for the hottest September temperature recorded in Europe, with marks of 114 and 115 degrees.
  12. Localities in the United States broke nearly 15,000 daily records for hot nighttime minimum temperatures from May into September.

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