Nation’s Largest Alliance of Independent Agencies Grows Membership Again in 2016

January 10, 2017

The largest alliance of independent insurance agencies in the United States, SIAA, or the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, added 441 new independent agencies to its membership roster in 2016, bringing the total number of members to more than 6,100 agencies.

“This is the eighth consecutive year the alliance has signed over 400 members, and the second highest number of members ever added in one year,” said Jim Masiello, chief executive officer of SIAA, based in Hampton, N.H.

The SIAA is a national alliance of independent insurance agency members generating hundreds of millions in new premium business annually.

SIAA began in 1983 with the creation of its first master agency, SAN Group, or the Satelitte Agency Network Group, by Jim Masiello, owner of the Masiello Agency in Keene, N.H. According to its website, “Smaller agencies kept running into roadblocks because of their size, low commissions and access to competitive companies. The idea was to create to a Master Agency to provide company access and other services to help grow these agencies – profitabily.”

SIAA Inc. ranked No. 1 on Insurance Journal’s Top 20 Agency Partnerships list in 2016, with total property/casualty revenue in 2015 of $810,921,469.

Source: SIAA Inc.

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