Insurtech Profile: Snapsheet’s Evolution in Making Virtual Claims Service a Reality

By | November 1, 2018

Tech-driven virtual claims services company Snapsheet started out as a service for body shops called Body Shop Bids before pivoting to serving insurers five years ago. Alex Meisner, director of innovation, is one of the original employees and knows the insurtech’s evolution and the work that has gone into reaching its current status of having 70 carrier customers and 500 employees. The evolution is continuing.

Like it or not, Netflix, Uber and Amazon are setting consumer expectations for service. Meisner says insurance carriers have to be careful in setting expectations. It’s not good to promise a seamless digital claims experience and then not deliver, says Meisner, who also sees opportunities for carriers to become more pro-active in preventing claims. “The best claims experience is no claim at all,” he says.

In these interviews with Wells Media’s Andy Simpson, Meisner shares how Snapsheet learns from its customers and talks about its new complete virtual claims system software product for claims organizations. He then discusses how a complete digital experience makes a difference in delivering on the promise to customers.

Video: Snapsheet's Evolution in Making Virtual Claims Service a Reality

Video: Snapsheet: Delivering on Today's Customer Expectations in Claims

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