Sterling New Age Cyber, Elpha Secure Launch ES-1000 Cybersecurity Package

August 13, 2020

Cybersecurity insurance company Elpha Secure and partner Sterling New Age Cyber have introduced ES-1000, a service bundle package that focuses on mitigating risk and cyber threat to clients through cyber software, educational resources and professional consultation.

SterlingRisk Programs, a division of SterlingRisk Insurance, formed Sterling New Age Cyber earlier this year. The new cyber liability program utilizes Elpha Secure’s tools and software to rank a business’s cyber exposure and promptly assess and quote coverage. Elpha Secure combines technology and insurance to protect against cyber threats.

The Elpha Secure Platform includes cyber assessment, insurance, education and software comprised of proprietary tools to prevent cyber-attacks and bolster overall defenses.

Sterling New Age Cyber is offered to a range of industries, from restaurants, real estate, and retail to family entertainment, social workers, architects, and engineers.

SterlingRisk Programs offers affinity programs for associations and industry groups.

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