Introducing: The Insuring Cyber Podcast

October 28, 2020

Although National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming to an end this week, cybersecurity remains an ongoing focus for insurers particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many companies to transition to remote working.

With this in mind, Insurance Journal is introducing the Insuring Cyber Podcast. Twice a month with new episodes every other Wednesday, the podcast will feature discussions with industry experts on cyber topics that are at the top of the insurance industry’s radar.

In the first episode, Pete Arterburn, digital transformation lead at Aon Affinity, discusses how the insurance industry is being pushed to embrace tech with COVID-19 at its heels. He explains what this means for a relationship-driven industry in terms of connecting with its customer base and attracting top talent.

“I think ultimately we’re going to start to see a tectonic shift,” he says. “You’re going to start to see a number of agencies maximize that technology capability to really move to that virtual environment…I really do think that will continue to be the new norm.”

Later in the episode, Todd Lukens, chief information security officer at Nationwide, discusses what Nationwide is learning from its transition to a hybrid operating model with 98% of its workforce being remote – a move the company announced in April as the coronavirus pandemic was ramping up.

“Insurance is a technology [industry] now,” he says. “You think about the entire workflow of how insurance works, everything from creating a quote to binding to utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning and our claims processes and our fraud processes, it’s a technology [industry].”

Tune in to the first episode to see what else Pete and Todd have to say and be sure to check back every other Wednesday as new episodes are published together with the Insuring Cyber newsletter. Thanks for listening.

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