More than 2,400 Bills Filed for 2013 Oklahoma Legislative Session

January 21, 2013

Members of the Oklahoma House and Senate have filed more than 2,400 bills and resolutions to consider in the 2013 Legislature.

The measures were filed prior to the Jan. 17, 4 p.m. deadline for state lawmakers to file legislation. Lawmakers will convene their regular legislative session on Feb. 4.

Officials said a total of 1,259 bills and 43 joint resolutions were filed in the House. Last year, officials reported that 962 bills and 26 joint resolutions were filed in the House for the 2012 legislative session.

In the Senate, 1,119 bills and 34 joint resolutions were filed by the deadline. Last year, a total of 972 bills and 45 joint resolutions were filed in the Senate with 753 Senate bills and 41 Senate joint resolutions carried over from the 2011 session.

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