Texas-Based Talon Insurance Agency Merges with Higginbotham

January 17, 2014

Higginbotham, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and Talon Insurance Agency announced the merger of their operations. Both are independent insurance firms based in Texas providing commercial and personal insurance, risk management and employee benefit services. Talon Insurance Agency has a 35-person staff at offices in Port Arthur, Tyler and Fort Worth. Higginbotham is headquartered in Fort Worth and has more than 20 branch offices across the state. The combined workforce is 600. Talon Insurance Agency brings extra expertise in contractor, energy and habitational risk to the firm. Talon Insurance Agency was formed in 2001 when insurance brokers Leonard Forey and Ted Moor III merged their agencies in Port Arthur. Located in neighboring towns, the agencies combined efforts to form one prevailing entity. They acquired an agency in Tyler in 2004 and opened a location in Fort Worth in 2013. Forey and Moor will serve as managing directors of Talon Insurance Agency in Port Arthur with Scott Kirkpatrick in Tyler and continue operating with its present name and locations. Source: Higginbotham

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