Allstate Seeking to Expand Agency Count in Texas

February 19, 2014

Allstate Insurance Co. is launching a recruitment campaign to appoint 120 new agency owners in Texas this year. Allstate agency owners are also actively searching for qualified candidates to fill more than 800 sales professional positions in agencies across the state in 2014.

The population boom in Texas is a significant factor fueling Allstate’s agency growth strategy, the company said.

Allstate is seeking qualified mid-career, mid-level managers who want to own and operate their own business in Texas.

“Candidates don’t need an insurance background. We’ll provide them with comprehensive education and the resources to help them get off to a solid start,” Lisa Banks, Allstate’s Texas Strategic Deployment Leader said. “They do need a strong entrepreneurial drive, and we’ve seen that in candidates ranging from kindergarten teachers to police officers.”

Newly appointed Allstate agency owners, along with current agents, could help generate 800 additional jobs in their communities across the state as they typically hire licensed sales staff to help them run their small businesses, according to Allstate.

Allstate’s Texas recruiting goals for 2014 are segmented by area across the state:
City Approximate Goals
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Total: 230

30 Exclusive Agents

200 Licensed Sales Staff

Houston/Valley Total: 276

36 Exclusive Agents

240 Licensed Sales Staff

Central Texas (San Antonio-Austin) Total: 184

24 Exclusive Agents

160 Licensed Sales Staff

East Texas Total: 115

15 Exclusive Agents

100 Licensed Sales Staff

West Texas Total: 115

15 Exclusive Agents

100 Licensed Sales Staff

Allstate agency owner candidates need a minimum of $50,000 of liquid capital to invest in their agency. This money does not go to Allstate; it is to help ensure the agency can successfully fund the day to day costs associated with opening and running a small business.

Source: Allstate Insurance Co.

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