Industry Pushing Back in Texas Against Fertilizer Plant Safety Requirements

April 17, 2014

The state fire marshal wants 46 facilities that store ammonium nitrate in Texas to make safety improvements following the deadly West fertilizer plant explosion last year.

State Fire Marshal Chris Connealy proposed new building requirements ahead of the anniversary of the April 17, 2013, blast at West Fertilizer Co.

Fifteen people were killed and another 200 were injured after tons of ammonium nitrate exploded into a massive fireball. The fertilizer plant had stored the chemical in flammable wooden containers.

Most of the dead were firefighters and first responders.

Connealy testified to a House committee that facilities similar to West Fertilizer should be given three years to either install sprinklers or retrofit their buildings to mitigate the potential for explosions.

But lawmakers are already warning of industry pushback.

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  • April 21, 2014 at 4:01 pm
    Steve-o says:
    and btw, I'm not criticizing because I think the industry should push back. On the contrary, if someone doesn't want better safety in light of the explosion and investigation... read more
  • April 21, 2014 at 3:24 pm
    Steve-o says:
    This article exhibits very poor journalism. The title of the article cites the industry is pushing back, but then the ONLY proof of that is that "lawmakers are already warnin... read more
  • April 17, 2014 at 3:27 pm
    Celtica says:
    Why wouldn't the industry push back against Texas. Texas has shown itself to roll over in the past so why wouldn't they in the future?
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