Abilene, Texas, Hammered by Hailstorm

June 13, 2014

Up to a dozen people were treated for injuries last night in Abilene, Texas, after a large hailstorm struck the city during a children’s parade and art walk, the Insurance Council of Texas reported.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said substantial damage was reported in downtown Abilene and on the city’s east side.

Insurance agents say claims are pouring in from policyholders whose cars, trucks, homes and businesses were pounded by hail reported as large as grapefruit. Forty-eight Abilene patrol cars were heavily damaged.

“Several offices in downtown Abilene had windows broken,” said Karla Martin with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. “Downtown looks like fall because all of the trees have been stripped of their leaves and many limbs down in the street.”

Source: Insurance Council of Texas

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