Louisiana Reminds Insurers of Flooded Vehicle Requirements

August 18, 2016

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has issued a reminder to insurance companies regarding the Certificate of Destruction title requirements for flooded vehicles.

The department issued the bulletin following the federal declaration of disaster due to the recent massive flooding in Southeast Louisiana.

A Certificate of Destruction is a type of title for water damaged vehicle that has been declared a total loss.

The department said that when, as a result of an insurance settlement, a motor vehicle is determined to be a total loss due to water damage, Louisiana law requires the insurance company acquiring ownership of the vehicle to send the certificate of title to the Office of Motor Vehicles along with an application for a Certificate of Destruction.

The certificate and application must be sent to the OMV within 30 days from the settlement of the claim.

Source: Louisiana Department of Insurance


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  • August 31, 2016 at 6:25 pm
    Aileen says:
    Is it automatic that insurance companies acquire ownership of my totaled car?I have already paid off my car. Can I choose to keep my water-damaged car and just get a Salvage T... read more
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