Texas Mutual Launches e-Learning Tool for Policyholders

March 15, 2017

Workers’ compensation Texas Mutual Insurance Co. has launched a free workplace safety training tool for policyholders called e-Learning.

e-Learning gives business owners access to a library of more than 200 modern, video-based training courses on a variety of workplace safety topics, such as ladder safety, hazard communication, fall prevention and more. Employers can easily assign courses, which workers complete through the learner portal. Not only do these courses provide valuable training that could prevent workplace accidents, but the tool is offered free to all Texas Mutual policyholders.

While Texas Mutual has long offered a variety of safety training resources, the e-Learning video course model fills a need for modern, engaging and easily understood material, the company said.

“We offer a lot of valuable resources to policyholders and business owners, but e-Learning is a new solution that will help employers quickly and easily elevate their safety training,” said Eric Bourquin, senior manager of safety services at Texas Mutual. “Research has shown that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, so it’s a natural next step to offer a platform that supports this type of learning.”

e-Learning also allows employers to access reports and maintain safety training records for OSHA-related purposes and their own record-keeping needs.

Source: Texas Mutual Insurance Co.

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