More than 3K Broken Pipe Insurance Claims Expected in Texas After Deep Freeze

January 22, 2018

Several days of subfreezing temperatures resulted in frozen water pipes which are now leaking in homes across Texas. The Insurance Council of Texas says that more than 3,000 insurance claims are expected from policyholders with broken water pipes.

The majority of the claims thus far have come from residents in Houston and Dallas.

“Water claims can be expensive and the sooner a homeowner can detect a leak, the better,” Mark Hanna, a spokesperson for the Insurance Council of Texas said in the group’s announcement. “Undetected, oftentimes for days, water leaks can destroy walls and flooring.”

The damage from a leaking water pipe can easily cost thousands of dollars. Most residential property policies offer water damage protection but it’s always a good idea to verify coverage, ICT said.

Source: ICT

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