Best Agency to Work For: Upshaw Insurance Agency

By | November 25, 2020

One of the things the employees of Upshaw Insurance in Amarillo, Texas, say they like best about their agency is its caring spirit — not only in regard to the employees themselves but to the communities they serve.

Founded in 1927 and led by President Cory Bentley, Upshaw Insurance Agency — Insurance Journal’s 2020 Bronze Best Agency to Work For in the South Central region — has annual revenues of $11 million to $25 million, serves clients throughout Texas and is licensed in 50 states.

“They are an excellent company to work for. The way I see it is if you take care of them they will take care of you, which is how it should be,” one employee said in responding to IJ’s 2020 Best Agencies to Work For survey.

As with the majority of agencies nominated as a Best Agency to Work For, Upshaw’s employees said the agency’s management treats them “like family.”

However, one employee also pointed out that, in addition, at Upshaw, “your family comes first, they will always let you take off for family matters.”

Another survey respondent noted: “Upshaw is one of the best companies to work for because they are very in tune with the needs of their employees. They know and recognize the importance of balancing life and work and they understand the importance of family.”

Several employees praised the agency’s contributions to the local communities in their service areas. One program consistently highlighted in employee comments is Upshaw’s Power of the Pedal initiative, which has been approved as a 501(c)3.

The Power of the Pedal gives “bicycles, locks and helmets to local elementary schools to help children in need. There are a lot of kids that are without transportation, and this program is helping them one at a time. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to be part of this amazing company, and the things we are involved in throughout the community!” one employee said.

Another commented: “The various community outreach projects that we are involved in (Power of the Pedal specifically) make me proud to wear the Upshaw logo wherever I go. People recognize Upshaw as a leader in insurance, but also as a community partner that is invested in the advancement of all people in our city, state and region.”

Through Power of the Pedal “in December 2019 our agency gave away 205 bicycles and locks to five different schools and to an organization called Heal the City. Upshaw truly gives back and recognizes the needs of their employees and community,” another employee said.

The agency’s competitive compensation, perks and incentives were also recognized by survey respondents.

Wrote one: “The producer commission structure at Upshaw is unparalleled by any other agency in the area, and performance bonuses are achievable and sizable. It is a great all-around place to work for every position.”

“They take notice and compensate … on how you are doing with your job performance,” said another survey respondent.

One employee wrote that they appreciate “that Upshaw encourages its employees to continue to expand their knowledge base. They will pay for certification courses that not only expand our knowledge base and help us grow professionally but also allow us to better serve our clients.”

“They give us a lot of perks such as chair massages and extra benefits,” another employee said. That respondent also lauded the agency’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, stating: “Even though a lot of major agencies in Amarillo have returned to work full-time due to the pandemic, they have allowed us to continue to work from home since March 2020 for our safety. They have told us that we can come in the office if we want to but it is totally up to us and what we are comfortable doing and that means a lot!”

One long-time employee summed up what seems to be the overall perception of the agency, stating: “I have been employed with Upshaw for 40 years, it is an honor to be able to say that.”

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