Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Among States With Highest Frozen Pipe Claims

January 25, 2022

State Farm paid more than $471 million in claims from frozen pipes in 2021, and more than two/thirds of claims can be rooted back to one state: Texas.

The Lone Star State accounted for $343 million of frozen pipes claim cost last year, driven by February 2021 Winter Storm Uri which brought single digit temperatures across much of the state. The average claim for a frozen pipe in Texas was $22,000.

The South Central region dominates the list of top 10 states for frozen pipe claims in 2021. Oklahoma saw the third-highest claims cost at $21 million, with an average claim of $16,000. Arkansas was fourth-highest at $12 million in claims cost with an average $16,000, while Louisiana was sixth on the list, costing $7.9 million in frozen pipe claims with an average of $9,000.

Some tips from State From for preparing for freezing weather include:

•Let faucets drip overnight to keep water moving freely.

•Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes under sinks and on exterior walls.

•Seal leaks that allow cold air inside.

•Disconnect garden hoses or use indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes.

•Winterize your pool. Consider calling a professional or drain all pool equipment so the water will not expand and cause damage. Clear and drain all the water from the pool lines, filter, pump, and heater. Turn off automatic freeze guard to keep your pump from kicking on and burning up.

•If you will be away from your home for an extended period, ensure your home maintains adequate heat inside, at least 55 degrees. Water can be shut-off to prevent freezing pipes but note that fire suppression systems will be deactivated when water is shut off.

•Keep trees trimmed. Ice is heavy, especially for a tree branch. The weight of ice and snow can cause tree branches to snap causing damage to homes, automobiles, and electrical power lines.

•Keep gas tanks in vehicles on full.

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