Carolina Mattress Guild Rests Firm on Safety

June 13, 2003

The North Carolina Department of Insurance reported that the Carolina Mattress Guild announced it will meet tough new fire safety standards proposed by the state of California’s open flame mattress fire safety standard, Technical Bulletin 603. The department said the company is the first nationally to embrace the new fire safety standard, which is likely to become a national requirement, and is projected to save hundreds of lives each year.

“Fires that begin in the bedroom are often the most deadly,” said Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, who also serves as State Fire Marshal. “Household occupants who are sleeping may be unable to awaken in time to save their lives or those of their loved ones. By increasing the safety of the mattresses we sleep on, we are adding to the overall safety structure of the home in which we live.”

The Carolina Mattress Guild has stepped up its safety proceedings throughout the entire company, including that of its materials and products. All mattresses produced by the company will adhere to the California standard.

“The Carolina Mattress Guild has become the forefront of commitment to the safety of citizens,” said Don Bliss, president of the National Association of State Fire Marshals. “Their initiative in this effort is exemplary of the desire to not only reach sales goals, but to protect the community and customer base that provides those sales.”

“We are proud of the Carolina Mattress Guild and their commitment to being a good corporate citizen,” Long added.

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