Georgia Lawmakers File Bills to Control Ridesharing Services

By | February 13, 2015

  • February 13, 2015 at 5:05 pm
    Trish says:
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    Again, I have commented on the other articles… but here again,
    if UBER is SO GREAT, then let’s just let taxis operate the same way!
    No drug tests, no physicals, no CPR training, no buying medallions, NO REGULATED RATES, no safety inspections… Hey, surplus lines do not pay into the Guaranty Funds, so if the passengers in a state have accidents on the books, and the surplus lines UBER insurer goes out of business, WHO is paying those claims! YES… let the taxis operate the same way and all will be happy!

  • February 14, 2015 at 6:44 pm
    A, Alsanoussi says:
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    Although Uber X is convenient in terms of fare’s price, is out of control and hazardous for the following reasons:
    1. Damages the taxi & limo business who have complied by the law, local ordinance, and taxes which Uber is not. Uber X drivers have no contracts with State of Georgia government. The state has no clue what Uber X drivers are doing, they deal directly with Uber X management.
    2. Uber X cannot be managed, it operates without signs to make it easy for law enforcement to identify. All Uber X drivers are private cars who maintain just liability insurance.
    3. Uber X can be operated by anyone after they are approved by Uber X ( family members and friends can share the same vehicle regardless of their criminal history) and Uber X drivers can use any vehicle to operate because their fares are accessed through the phone and has nothing to do with the vehicle they drive.
    4. Uber X is onerous to the law enforcement on the road and causing lot of troubles to the public safety .
    5. Uber X are criminals, they steal the taxi &Limo business. Based on the CPNC that posted on the cab signs, an meters in taxis constitute the taxi’s private property which must not be violated because are protected by the law in the State of Georgia .In other words Uber X trespassed the private properties of the taxi and abused the rights of the taxi and causing the taxi lose money.
    6. Uber X will cause severe threat to the public safety because its insurance and background check are not satisfactory. The state of Georgia has no records of Uber X drivers and the government does not know the exact number of Uber X in the state.
    7. Uber X has open number unlike the taxi & limo, based on Uber X business logic the whole state of Georgia population can operate Uber X without restrictions which is not fair to those legal entities that consist taxi and limo.

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