L.A. to Install Red Light Cameras

June 15, 2000

Los Angeles will soon join other cities, located throughout a dozen U.S. states, that have installed red light cameras at dangerous intersections. It was announced that the first four of these cameras will be installed in Los Angeles city limits by July 1, and the city is expected to have a total of 16 of the cameras by the end of 2000.

The National Association of Independent Insurers (NAII) is a strong supporter of red light camera legislation, which allows municipalities to install the cameras at intersections with a high rate of red light running. California’s law was passed in 1995. It is estimated that red light running is the single leading cause of urban crashes and the most likely to cause injury or death.

According to NAII vice president and western regional manager Sam Sorich, reports indicate that thus far the cameras have reduced red light violations as much as 92 percent in Los Angeles County and 41 percent in San Francisco.

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