Countrywide Insurance Services Provides Online Policy Management

December 4, 2001

California-based Countrywide Insurance Services Inc., a principal subsidiary of Countrywide Credit Industries Inc., is now providing its existing clients with an online insurance policy management tool, “My Policies.” Accessible from the home page, the complimentary service organizes policies purchased through the agency, giving clients access and a secure location for policy information.

The My Policies feature includes the following:

* Summary View – List of current insurance policies, the insurance company and the policy number of insurance policies or home warranty service contracts purchased through Countrywide Insurance Services.

* Detail View – Screen showing the level and amount of coverage, premium and effective dates for each product purchased through Countrywide Insurance Services.

* Privacy and Security – Advanced data and storage encryption, and customer-only password access is combined with respect for privacy preferences.

* Convenience – Login in from virtually any Internet-enabled computer.

*Online Demonstration – Click through a short demonstration to learn more about My Policies prior to registering for the free service.

My Policies also serves as a data repository similar to an online safe deposit box. If an unfortunate event, such as a natural disaster or other personal emergency, should occur, all of the information needed to begin the claim filing process is readily available.

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