Mendoza Calls Holocaust Survivor Claims a

June 3, 2002

Gary Mendoza, Republican candidate for California Insurance Commissioner, announced his intention to make the resolution of the Holocaust survivor insurance claims a top priority of his administration, if elected in November.

In making this commitment, Mendoza noted that, “the Holocaust survivors and their heirs have suffered a tragedy of incalculable proportions. Now, many of these survivors and heirs are having their rightful claims ignored by several large insurance companies. This is wholly unacceptable.”

Mendoza further noted the serious concerns he has with the operation of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC).

“From what I have seen, the ICHEIC process has yet to achieve its initial goals,” Mendoza continued. “Rather than helping settle legitimate claims, ICHEIC is being used by a number of insurance companies to stonewall and avoid their obligations to survivors and heirs. I call for everyone to step forward to cooperate and achieve a positive resolution. ICHEIC needs to be part of a prompt solution, not continue to be part of a decades-long problem.

“As Commissioner, I will use all of the powers at my disposal to make certain that the rightful claims of Holocaust survivors and their heirs are fully and promptly honored.”

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