American Forest Casualty Co. Licenses FormsPlus XP for the Internet

July 25, 2003

Allen Beggs, president and co-founder of QualCorp, Inc. ( announced that American Forest Casualty Company of Olympia, Wash. will be licensing the Internet version FormsPlus XP for its office.

American Forest Casualty Company, RRG will use FormsPlus XP over the Internet to issue the following lines of commercial insurance policies: ­commercial package which includes monoline general liability, monoline auto liability and monoline umbrella in four states.

“Bill Bryant of Bryant Risk Management, Inc. came to us to assist a newly formed RRG with an automated rating and policy issuance system which could be accessed by American Forest Casualty Company, RRG and his office located in South Carolina. Furthermore, they entered into a contract with Rackley Rating Systems and their requirement was to have that rating engine feed their automated policy issuance system – FormsPlus, by August 1, 2003,” Beggs commented.

American Forest Casualty Company, RRG will enter their initial submission into FormsPlus from QualCorp, Inc. via the Internet. Upon clearance and acceptance by the underwriters at Bryant Risk Management, Inc. the integration between Rackley Rating Systems and QualCorp, Inc. will automatically open up Rackley’s Rating software and populate it with the submission information entered into FormsPlus. After the underwriter has finished rating the risk, they simply close the Rackley Rating software and all of the rating information flows into QualCorp, Inc.’s FormsPlus policy issuance system to generate the quote and automatically e-mail it to American Forest Casualty Company, RRG for the insured’s approval.

From there the underwriter can convert the quote to a policy without any duplicate data entry. Policy administration including, endorsements, cancellations, renewals and re-instatements will again be done through the bi-directional integration created by QualCorp, Inc. with Rackley Rating Systems.

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