QualCorp Inc. Releases FormsPlus Enterprise

November 4, 2003

Allen Beggs, president and co-founder of Valencia, Calif.-based QualCorp Inc. announced that they have just released the latest version of their policy issuance/administration software FORMSPLUS ENTERPRISE.

Heading up the new development project was Sr. Programming Engineers, Sharon Clarke and Mark Morrow. Sharon Clarke began the re-writing project of FormsPlus in June 2002. She primarily focused on re-designing the database structure and re-designing the user interface and installation routines. Mark Morrow was later brought in to the project to re-design the document merging process and work with Sharon Clarke on the new look for the user interface.


QualCorp, Inc. started the process of giving FormsPlus Enterprise a new look by re-designing all of the graphics within the entire system. The new icons are smoother in design with bold colors. The background of the product features a new blue gradient color flowing from left to right. The workflow of the user interface was also simplified. With less buttons for the customers to work with to enhanced tool tips make for increased processing speed and better accuracy.


One particular goal was to re-design the database structure and move the product to a MS SQL Server 2003 database platform. Another new feature is the addition of an XML import/export tool. This new tool will allow QualCorp Inc. to import data from various rating vendors such as AcsendantOne, Duck Creek Technologies, Rackley Rating Systems and AMS in an ASCII, AL3 or XML format, furthermore, they are now able to export data to various accounting systems, claim systems, statistical reporting systems and company systems in an ASCII or XML format.


FormsPlus Enterprise now features a completely re-designed Microsoft Word merge process. The process of distributing large amounts of rating and policy level data to quote and policy documents and having those documents sorted and correlated is dramatically faster now. QualCorp Inc. has also added the ability for documents to be printed in their standard Microsoft Word format, Adobe PDF format or in a HTML format from within your internet browser.

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