E.L.M. Offers Liability ‘Suite’ For Small to Mid-Size Businesses

November 21, 2003

Los Angeles-based E.L.M. Insurance Brokers Inc., a specialist in professional liability, targets small to mid-size businesses with its “professional liability suite of products,” which includes liability coverage for employment practices, directors & officers, entity (optional) and fiduciary. The “suite” is underwritten by an “A+ (XV)”-rated carrier.

The program is not for firms with more than $250 million in assets and/or 1,000 employees. Limits are available to $5 million. Minimum deductibles are $10,000 for employment practices liability, $5,000 for D&O and none for fiduciary.

The preferred classes are business-to-business services, clothing manufacturing, construction, food preparation, machinery and equipment manufacturing, miscellaneous manufacturing, natural resources and utilities, oil and gas industries, other services, paper products and components, personal services, technology (excluding start-ups and dotcoms), transportation manufacturing and wholesale. Excluded classes are alcohol, tobacco, firearms and asbestos-related industries.

The employment practices liability coverage has broad definitions of employment claim, discrimination and loss; optional third-party coverage for sexual harassment and discrimination; coverage for punitive or exemplary damages; and coverage for acts that occur after acquisitions that do not increase the total number of employees of the insured entity by more than 25 percent.

The D&O coverage has board definitions of a claim and insured organization; and coverages for not-for-profit outside directors, private placements, and investigative costs. In addition, there is coverage for acts that occur after an acquisition provided the acquired assets do not exceed 25 percent of the insured entity’s.

The fiduciary coverage has broad definitions of insured persons, covered plans and wrongful acts; and coverages for civil penalties under sections 502(i) and 502(l) of ERISA, defense costs outside the limits, and plans terminated before or during the policy period.

For more information, contact E.L.M. Insurance Brokers Inc. at (310) 665-1106, via fax at (310) 665-1116, or through E.L.M.’s Web site,

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