Six More Lawsuits to be filed tomorrow by Holocaust Survivors

January 16, 2004

Six Holocaust survivor families, have filed lawsuits to recover life insurance benefits due to them arising out of the death of their heirs during the Holocaust. The lawsuits claim that Generali, a large Italian insurer, wrote life insurance policies on thousands of victims of the Holocaust, but never paid the benefits to the survivors or their heirs.

The six survivors join 12 other survivor families, also represented by Shernoff, who have previously filed lawsuits against Generali and now have their cases pending in Federal Court in New York under Federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey. There are also three class action suits alleging similar claims pending in New York with Judge Mukasey.

These lawsuits come just after the deadline passed for survivors or their heirs to file claims with the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC).

“These survivors have opted to file lawsuits in the hope of recovering their full life insurance benefits due them rather than accepting payments offered by ICHEIC, which only pays out a fraction of benefits due,” said Shernoff, “they seek not only the life insurance benefits, but other damages totaling millions of dollars due to Generali’s bad faith in the handling of their Holocaust insurance claim.”

Shernoff expects to go to trial within the year.

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