QualCorp Completes Integration with Agency Solutions

January 20, 2004

QualCorp Inc., headquartered in Valencia, Calif., announced that they have just completed the integration of their policy administration/issuance system, FormsPlus Enterprise and Agency Systems MGA/Wholesale Accounting Software.

“QualCorp Inc. and Agency Solution (distributor for Agency Systems GA products) currently have four MGA customers under contract for the integration of the two products,” Allen Beggs, president and co-founder of QualCorp, said. “After each transaction occurs, FormsPlus exports an XML data stream directly to the Agency Systems pproduct.”

FormsPlus Enterprise is a Microsoft based policy issuance/administration system that affords the user of complete submission tracking/verification, quote issuance and policy issuance for all personal/commercial lines of business in all 50 states for any MGA/carrier combination. The product is designed for LAN installations or Web-based processing for multiple locations. FormsPlus Enterprise uses a Microsoft Access/Visual Basic front-end and a Microsoft SQL -Server database on the back-end. Agency Systems is a management and accounting system for the MGA and GA marketplace. Features include submission tracking, policy tracking, imaging, suspense, claims, document processing and a full complement of management reports. Agency Systems is written using the latest technology, such as C++ and Delphi, for the front-end and utilizes an SQL-Server database on the back-end.

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