“Operation Scorpion” Nets Nine in Fraud Scheme

February 9, 2005

  • January 24, 2008 at 12:12 pm
    yohannes says:
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    i was found not guilty on march 2006 after 1 day jury trial where is that story???/

  • August 4, 2014 at 2:15 pm
    Gary J. Mondfrans says:
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    As a follower of Yelp, which was not available when the above 2004 repair shop investigation fraud scandal was coordinated, I noticed that there is a great deal of difference from how one automotive facility from another is rated and reviewed and it is quite noticeable that this is a great deal of difference in the quality of auto repair, even outright fraud and noted deception from denial of warranty coverage without apparent cause, to frequent up quoting of what was the original cost of repair, charges for repair work not actually done, substitution with inferior parts, misrepresentation of work actually completed, and what might be considered as apparent collusion. Veracom Ford required that I take my barely used Mazda purchased just a month before with a little over 7,500 miles on it as it was still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and as they had little service experience with the Speed 3 so I was referred to Putnam which was very nearby in Burlingame on California Street, really just down the block. Putnam’s Service Department, as so typified many of their consumer posted negative Yelp reviews in fact denied warranty coverage without actually conducting a thorough examination of the transmission problem itself, further quote for repairs I got from their service manager was far higher than any of the other nearby repair facilities in Burlingame and San Mateo I contacted, and their Yelp status stars were frequently on the negative while most of the other non-dealer repair facilities were primarily positive 4 or 5 stars.

    It seems to me that an intern in a District Attorney’s Consumer Affairs/Fraud unit could easily monitor the overall performance of such repair facilities by investigating by initially targeting for review such repair shops which consistently fall on the negative side and begin an initial further investigation of service and repair shop simply by contacting the actual posters directly through Yelp, I’m sure they would be most willing to cooperate with consumer affairs organization to help right the wrong they received.

    In the case of my vehicle I had it towed to a nearby highly rated transmission specialist for a more thorough and FREE examination at a consistently highly quality repair facility as rated through Yelp and one which provided me a repair costs have of what was quoted by the Putnam service manager.

    It would seem to me that an investigative media reporter could also follow up through Yelp to target and investigative those facilities which are consistently lacking and/or overly costly as the ground work had already been substantially done by the Yelp reviewers themselves. I wonder if KRON-TVs Stanley Robert might follow up on these Repair Shops Performing Badly.

    Gary J. Mondfrans
    Former Mayor of San Bruno


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